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Calixto Island


I never found a site with walkthroughs (solutions) for the major Coco adventure games. That's why I made this one.

These are walkthroughs for the Mark Data's adventures created by Bob Withers and Stephen O'Dea. You can find the Coco and PC games (source and binaries), and also some games' maps at the Bob Withers' site.

If you are stuck in any game, write me and perhaps I can help you out (if I still can remember something about the game). I might put other walkthroughs and cheats here, if I find some spare time to do it. And if you have your own, or know a site that have solutions for games, please write about it to me.

By the way, I'm looking for a walkthrough for the Syzygy adventure! If you have finished this game, please send me an e-mail!
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